Who We Are

AIDSTanzania is student-run organization from the College of William and Mary dedicated to providing free, easily accessible, and sustainable HIV/AIDS education and testing to the diverse rural communities of Eastern sub-Saharan Africa. Nearly 1 in 20 adults is living with HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa (UNAIDS Report 2012). We emphasize prevention in all of our programs, and seek to empower community members, providing them with the tools and resources to develop and deliver programming and testing to their peers while we are in the United States.

We are not doctors, we are not health professionals—we are students, and the people we work with in Tanzania are students; yet, our efforts are limited only in their scope, not their effectiveness. In 2013, we tested over 40 individuals on our free testing day and initiated a successful education program at the local college, University of Arusha. After reviewing common misconceptions about HIV/AIDS, we were able to hold a Q&A session for over 60 people. Back at the UAACC compound, we had several discussions with locals about whatever they were curious about. From the transmission of HIV through pregnancy to how to put on a condom, our education was sought out as well as received very well.

Applications and interviews for AIDSTanzania’s new member class are submitted and conducted, respectively, in late February and March of each year.

Meet our Winter 2014 team:

Liz Englund (Co-President)
Arlington, VA

English / 2015

Favorite Car Music: Blasting One Direction in my car with the windows rolled down

Margaret Lobeck (Co-President)
Edina, MN

Literary & Cultural Studies / Psychology 2015

Favorite AIDSTZ Moment: Liz breaking the sink


Marge and Liz keepin’ it real

Maggie Gutierrez
Loudoun, VA

Sociology / Health and Humanities in Africa 2015

Favorite Thing About William and Mary: the Griffin

Carrie Sartor
Ashburn, VA

Neuroscience / 2014

Favorite Musical Artist: Alicia Keys


Mo and Carrie with the sweet Winnie

Carly Blatt (New Member Chair)
Baltimore, MD

Neuroscience / 2015

Fun Fact: I’m addicted to chapstick.

Elizabeth Scott
Windsor, VA

Women’s Studies / Theatre 2014

Favorite Things: Biggie and teacup pigs


Carly and Maggie. Enough Said.

Devon Ivie
Glen Rock, NJ

Literary & Cultural Studies /Art History 2015

Future Plans: be a fashion editor

Rachel Seaman (Fundraising Chair)
Painter, VA


In our classroom
From Left: Marigene, Mo, Marge, Liz, Carly, Carrie

Brenna Anderson
Madison, NJ

History / 2015

Fun Fact: I can’t tell time.

Mary Kate Connors
Montclair, NJ

Classics / Literary & Cultural Studies 2015

Fun Fact: I have six toes

Rachel and Maggie coming home!

Rachel and Maggie coming home!

Nuha Naqvi
McLean, VA

Biology / Public Health 2015

Fun Fact: I’ve been chased by a squirrel.

Munashe (Mo) Dube
Washington, D.C.

Biology / 2014

Hannah Cho
Baltimore, MD

Casey Douma
Richmond, VA


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