What We Do

AIDSTanzania seeks to make personal connections as well as informational and resource networks for the community in which we work. By striving to create active citizens among our team members, we exude a year-long effort of domestic and international service from projects ranging from attending lectures to educate ourselves, to holding testing and counseling days for community members in rural Tanzania. Our group goes beyond just a two-week experience during our trip; our goal is to have members graduate as more involved, aware, and engaged citizens who can take their experiences from our organization and use them well-informed and open-minded endeavors later in life. AIDSTanzania also focuses on the education of community members in order to have a more sustainable approach to treatment and prevention. We attempt to plant the seeds of knowledge among key members of the community, such as the elders in power, as well as the youth population, in hopes that these community members may serve as arbiters of knowledge to those we cannot reach. Our hope is to impart knowledge and implement resource networks within the communities with which we partner, but we learn just as much, if not more, from the passion, hope, and exceeding generosity of every individual we encounter.

Team Members having breakfast and going over the plan for the day.

Team Members having breakfast and going over the plan for the day.


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