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Rising HIV rates in DC is Cause for Concern

DC released its latest HIV/AIDS numbers this month, and they’re high enough to cause alarm among the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, ABC 7 reports. This group came to Capitol Hill to support a bill called HR 1964. The bill would provide funding for massive testing, treatment and education for people with AIDS. In Washington, D.C. 81 percent of the people who have AIDS are black.

A Black Leaders Support HIV/AIDS Bill As DC Releases Latest Numbers

A Black Leaders Support HIV/AIDS Bill As DC Releases Latest Numbers

The good news is that more people are living longer with HIV and taking precautions not to spread the disease, and more people are getting tested. But the rising number of people in DC living with HIV, 3 percent of the adult population, is considered an epidemic by the CDC.

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Metro TeenAIDS

Metro TeenAIDS LogoOne of our members heard of an organization in D.C. that did HIV/AIDS education, outreach, and testing for young people.  Since their work mirrors that of our own in Tanzania and we are looking for a domestic model, we thought we’d check them out.  This is their site – they do a lot of great work.  Even though our domestic trip this winter will probably be to Petersburg, VA, we can still learn a lot form Metro TeenAIDS.


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