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AIDSTanzania wins Service Trip of the Year

At William and Mary’s annual “Celebration of Service” last Tuesday at the Kimball Theater, AIDSTanzania (that’s us, folks!) was honored with the Service Trip of the Year award.

Melody Porter, who presented the award, spoke of our group’s sustainable mission, projects such as the Tusaidiane Center, and drive to expand our reach with a new domestic trip next year.  She also commented on our team’s personality, humor, and spunk, since we had the opportunity of working with her during our most recent trip.

Of course we are honored for the award, but we know that our focus is on Tanzania, on the worldwide AIDS epidemic, and on the work and fundraising that needs to be done in order for our group to continue to make a change.  The speaker of the night, Allison Anoll, inspired us to be thankful for what has already been accomplished but optimistic and dedicated to what lies ahead.

Devin Oller, AIDSTanzania’s past president and graduating senior, was also honored with a “Walk the Talk” senior award for his long-term committment to service and personal sacrifice for others.

Congratulations AIDSTanzania, Devin, and THANK YOU to all of those who make our service possible.

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