Over the summer and fall, AIDSTanzania will focus on forging partnerships with HIV/AIDS clinics in members’ hometowns, alumni, student groups from other universities, and other stateside NGOs—allowing for unique and active service learning opportunities and increased collaborative fundraising efforts. We will use what we learn from these relationships and interactions to continuously adjust our programs to ensure we keep our material current and relevant to the situation in today’s world. AIDSTanzania plans to expand our service in Tanzania to areas we have not reached before – taking ourselves out into the community and incorporating our ideas into the everyday lives of the village rather than making them come to us.Each successive year, our goals often shift or reshape themselves, but the belief behind them remains constant: We know that through inspired education and research efforts, a small group of individuals can cultivate a community that expects and actively seeks out better healthcare. We have seen it.

Our Announcements in Swahili.

Our Announcements in Swahili.


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