Current Projects

AIDSTanzania is in the midst of an evolution. Based on our past trip last winter, we have collected a lot of research based on the perspective of the community in Imbaseni. For our work in Tanzania, we are working towards reestablishing a women’s group in order to provide a safe and open environment for women to address their questions and needs. We are also going to reach out more to the greater Arusha community by visiting the secondary schools and colleges. The youth is very interested in hearing what we have to say, and we see them as a major mechanism in spreading important information about basic health. We are hoping to travel with some of the clinics as a way of reaching a larger population. A project that overlaps our domestic and international goals is our booklets which we have in Swahili and English. They are composed of what our community partners said that they wanted to learn about and are a very open and inviting method of getting out our message. While we are in the States, we are constantly educating ourselves on the issues of HIV/AIDS and basic health both in the U.S. and in TZ. We’re in communication with both individuals in TZ and at home. We also reach out to other organizations that have similar goals as us, a major one being the Williamsburg AIDS Network (WAN). Another of our constant focuses is fundraising! A lot resources go into our work, so if you are so inclined please feel free to donate.


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