These past few days have been filled with much excitement and enjoyment.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we had the pleasure of teaching our first seminar in one of the open-air classrooms at the UAACC. A group of about thirty students – both women and men, ranging between the ages of 13-18 – enthusiastically listened to our presentation. They were very receptive and eager to learn our information about HIV/AIDS, which was exhibited by the copious amount of questions they asked during our post-presentation Q&A. After our presentation, we had the pleasure of spending the late afternoon with the children of the UAACC (those who live on the compound full-time at an orphanage). Through soccer, songs and frisbee, we played far into the evening and loved every minute of it. We even had a mini-concert! Before we went to bed, some of us ladies also had custom pants made at the local on-compound boutique.

Today, we had a great time visiting the University of Arusha for a seminar with a class full of college students. The seminar went equally as well as the day before, and we even had the opportunity to discuss potential study abroad opportunities with the Director of External Linkages, Dr. Mussa (who organized the seminar – thanks!), and the class. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, W&M and the University of Arusha can collaborate for a study abroad program. Later in the day, we all packed into a van with a large megaphone to scream and yell –excitedly!- about tomorrow’s free community testing day for HIV/AIDS. We drove for over two hours, through very small and rural villages, where we also distributed free pamphlets and hung up signs.

We’re very much looking forward to our official testing day tomorrow.

– Devon


We make seminars fun!

Over halfway there!


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