Greetings from Tanzania! Today we began the work we came here to do. After eating our fresh fruit and toast, we got to work producing our “Tangazos” or “Announcements” to put up around town. Let’s just say, some did not grow up with the creative gene. Then, our translator, Herman, walked with us to the University of Arusha to see if we can host a seminar. Lucky for us, their outreach coordinator, Professor Mussa, was happy to meet with us. Turns out in 2012 he spent 8 months at a college in Michigan where he explained, “Americans know two things. 1) Volunteering 2) Customer Care.” After describing our seminars about the prevention of HIV, he also encouraged us to share with students how Americans in particular are fighting this issue. Professor Mussa believed that we would become even more credible if we were to take that approach, which I had never thought about.

In the hot African sun, we then took to the streets where we put up our posters and explored the local villages. On our walk, Herman was shocked to find out that Americans genetically modify food and that I, in fact, was single. It always fascinates me to think about how different their way of life is in comparison to ours. Anyways, on our travels, we asked local businesses to put up our posters and most were incredibly accepting of our seminars and free testing day on Thursday at the UAACC. One man, Ezequiel, was very excited to tell all of the youth in the area about our work, so fingers crossed we’ll have many people coming to get tested.

Overall, the day was really encouraging! Later that night, we enjoyed some dinner made by our wonderful cooks and Brenna eloquently read aloud “Joe Jonas: My Life as a Jonas Brother.” Some would say it was rather eye opening, while others, mainly Dylan Sprouse, argue differently. The debate lives on.

We’re off to bed!

Lala Salama,



Day 5: No Showers, No Problems


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