And so it begins!

Hello again from Tanzania!  It may have taken a little under a day to reach our destination, but it was well worth it.  The Tanzanian people are warm and welcoming, while the scenery is lush and absolutely beautiful.  On our first day, we acclimated to the eight hour time difference and came to know the grounds of the UAACC well.  Nearly every surface of the compound is covered in beautiful murals or wonderfully peaceful quotes. We then took a stroll around to see some of the surrounding villages, and got to know our lovely translators better. We ended the day by playing with the kids that live in the UAACC and watching a PBS documentary on our fascinating hosts, Charlotte and Pete O’Neal. Today we woke up early and were driven to the Moshi region (in the foothills of Kilimanjaro) where we went on a coffee tour and waterfall hike.  We learned first-hand how to make coffee by hand (a surprisingly involved task).  After getting hyped up on caffeine we took a 30 minute hike to a breathtaking waterfall, where we ate lunch and swam around a bit.Currently we are relaxing at the UAACC after a delicious dinner, and preparing to begin advertising our seminars tomorrow!

From, Mary Kate


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