Summer in Tanz with Casey

Our New Member, Casey, traveled to Tanzania this summer for the first time. We are so proud of her amazing volunteer work and we are grateful to call her a member of our team!

I was so incredibly lucky to have the chance to spend a month in Tanzania, volunteering with Cross Cultural Solutions in Moshi, which is an hour outside of Arusha, nestled in the shadow of Kilimanjaro. I spent my time at the Magereza nursery school, with 64 incredible kids. How can I sum up an entire month into a few sentences? How do I portray how I feel about this amazing country in a paragraph? I came into this trip selfishly, I only thought about how the kids and the people would affect me. I didn’t think I would have any impact on their education or influence them in a lasting way. Magereza is the cheapest nursery school around so the kids come from a variety of backgrounds. But these kids didn’t need sympathy, they didn’t need pity, they just wanted to be kids. They wanted to be loved. And even if I was a terrible teacher, I could provide that love for them. After a week at the Magereza Nursery School, I knew I would remember each one of these kids for the rest of my life. After a week in Tanzania, all my selfish ideas about my trip had been thrown out. I wanted to have a real impact on their education, even if it was just to give them a sense of confidence in the classroom. I saw the quieter kids shed their shy exterior and begin to answer questions in class and even solve difficult math problems. I hadn’t realized that my short volunteer trip would have a lasting impact on the children.  These kids rely on volunteers to provide their education, and I learned that my group’s mission to  instill confidence in them greatly impacts them in ways I didn’t think it would. The purpose of my trip changed, it wasn’t for me, it was for these kids. And as I go through my life I know that this experience with these kids will always be in the back of my mind. But one of the most uplifting parts of this trip is knowing that I am lucky enough to go back and keep a relationship with this incredible country.  


Just Casey changing some lives. No biggie.

Just Casey changing some lives. No biggie.


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