Journal Entry


Another productive and exciting day!

Today we walked through the Imbaseini Village and, with the help of our friendly translators Herman and Peter, informed people about our upcoming HIV/AIDS workshops. Lots of people took the time to read our poster and listen, so hopefully there’s a big turnout tomorrow! Our main stop seemed to be in a market not too far outside of the UAACC. There was so much activity: children playing, women selling all sorts of fruits and vegetables and meats, men talking and laughing together.  It had a real community feel to it which was really refreshing.

Next week, we are holding a woman’s day where we talk about HIV/AIDS topics that might be more important to women like how to have a safe pregnancy even if your HIV positive and stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS.  Many of the women seemed to be interested in attending that workshop so it might be something we want to continue doing or even extend over a couple of days next time.

I’m a little nervous for our first workshop but I have a good feeling about it!

— Carrie

Carrie working on a poster for the workshops


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