Shipping Out!

The AIDSTanzania team is leaving the country! This year our in-country team consists of six students: Erin, Danny B., Carrie, Rhiannon, Melissa, and team leader Marigene. Except for trip veteran Marigene, this is everyone’s first AIDSTanzania trip, and I think I speak for all of us when I say: we are SO STOKED!

With our yellow fever vaccinations, visas, and full-to-the-brim carry-ons at the ready, we’re departing from DC on Monday evening and will be spending — if I accounted for the time difference correctly — 9.5 million hours in flight. We’ll be stopping over in Frankfurt and then in Addis Ababa before finally landing at Kilimanjaro airport. Once in Tanzania we’ll be traveling to Arusha where we’ll be staying and working in the community. There we will be distributing the educational booklets we created, hosting an HIV testing day, collaborating with students from the local university, and participating in a host of other programs and activities.

I know I for one can’t WAIT to see what this trip holds for us. Stay tuned to hear what happens!

– Rhiannon


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