Food Assistance to be Provided to Tanzania

“Tanzania is among seven African countries that will benefit from a donation of more than 100,000 tons of agricultural commodities valued at US$170 million from the AmeriAcan people under the Food for Education program this year, the US Embassy here said Monday,” says an Afrique en ligne article.

Food assistance provides a healthy meal and may be the only meal that children receive each day. It will benefit 244,315 children. The program is administered by the USDA and donates agricultural products and technical assistance.

“Overall support from the American people to Tanzania’s agriculture sector impr oves productivity, access to credit, and food processing capacity to help Tanzania overcome regional and seasonal food insecurity and boost family incomes, especially among women smallholder farmers,” quotes the article.

‘Given Tanzania’s enormous agricultural potential, this assistance supports Tanzania’s goals of achieving food self-sufficiency, improving the business climate for agriculture, and eventually becoming a major food exporter to the region and the world,’ the embassy statement added.

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